About PhotoSpotLand™

What we can do for you.

How to shoot great photos in great places, with great people...or alone.

The Social Operating System for Photographers.

Photo sharing is one of today’s killer apps. People love to share great photos. PhotoSpotLand™ will help them, suggesting great places to photograph and creating a great shooting experience. PhotoSpotLand™ is the platform where people who love photography can share the best locations and events for shooting great photos, including how, when and with whom to shoot. PhotoSpotLand™ is an instrument dedicated to those who share the passion for photography. No matter if they are enthusiast, amateur, semi- professional or professional, including blind photographers. The aim of PhotoSpotLand™ is to aggregate the micro-communities that spontaneously grow around the most popular photo-shooting Spots to share experience and knowledge. “Spot”, because we are interested in whatever can create interest to our users like landscapes, coastlines, mountain ranges, buildings or bridges, religious events (like Easter in Seville) cultural events, festivals, carnivals (the Rio or Venice carnivals), or once-in-a-lifetime events such as volcano eruptions or lunar eclipses. In short, PhotoSpotLand™ will be the online resource for all the Spots throughout the world where it is possible to take remarkable shots.

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Multi-Platform Supports

PhotoSpotLand™ integrates the user web experience with their mobile devices. Our goal is not to duplicate or recreate any of the existing social networks or mobile applications. Instead, we have produced a tool that will allow and promote a wholly different level of information sharing, by using one application either in front of a computer or on the Spot from a mobile device. PhotoSpotLand™ will allow photographers to plan efficiently in advance, so that they are equipped with the best components in a Spot with the best position, at the best time, with advice from those who have shot there before to make a perfect shot.

The best shared experience in photography.

Using PhotoSpotLand™ before leaving you can find out if any other photographer is visiting the Spot at the same time as you, and how they are organizing their trip, get accurate weather forecasts and traffic information, and anything else a photographer needs to prepare for the shoot. After reaching the site, thanks to the mobile version of PhotoSpotLand™, the photographer will receive immediate updates (from both the provider and other photographers) about parking spaces, weather, potentially dangerous situations, and everything else relevant to the shoot. The PhotoSpotLand™ map will reveal the locations of all the nearest photographers, find out which photographic equipment they have, and who is available to give advice. So, if a photographer is at the Spot and encounters a technical problems (like a battery failure), or is need a different tool, others in the vicinity can be located for help.

Even More Sharing

You also may ask a close by and more experienced photographer how to take the best shot. One of the most important aspects of the project is to protect the user privacy especially for minors. To do so we use a filter, so that every user can decide if to show himself at the spot and consequentially witch information he likes to share with others.

So PhotoSpotLand™ solves practical problems of anyone who share the passion for photography giving them the chance to plan, to shared experience and meet others with the same passion, having fun and saving money. We want to change the way people shoot Photos rid them of problems to only focus on their shooting creativity. Alone or on a shared experience.